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Queenstown Molecular Biology Meeting
15-20 August 1999


Confirmed Speakers

Ichizo Kobayashi
University of Tokyo, Japan
Topic: programme bacterial cell death

Geoffrey L. Smith
University of Oxford
Topic: viral inhibition of cell death

Steven Stacker
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Australia
Topic: vascular endothelial growth factors

Jack Heinemann
University of Canterbury, NZ
Topic: prokaryote cell death

Don Newmeyer
La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology, USA
Topic: Cytochrome activation of cell death

Jens Stougaard
University of Aarhus, Denmark
Topic: plant cell differentiation

Anthony Bleecker
University of Wisconsin, USA
Topic: Apoptosis in plants

Bryan Williams
Cleveland Clinic Foundation,USA
Topic: Apoptosis and interferon

Michael Dragunow
University of Auckland, NZ
Topic: neurobiology and apoptosis

Andreas Strasser
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Australia
Topic: The genetic control of apoptotic cell death

Horst-Werner Stuerzbecher
University of Luebeck, Germany
Topic: Tumour suppressors and the regulation of genomic stability

Roger Reddel
The Children's Medical Research Institute, Sydney
Topic: Molecular genetics of human cell immortalisation

Ian S McLennan
University of Otago, NZ
Topic: Apoptosis of irreplacable cells

Joseph. F. Sambrook
Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, Australia
Topic: Breast Cancer - Old Genes and New

Phil Hodgkin
University of Sydney, Australia.
Topic: Role of cell division in controlling lymphocyte differentiation

Wolfgang Deppert
University of Hamburg, Germany
Topic: To die or not to die: choice of response to p53

Brian Gabrielli
Queensland Institute of Medical Research , Australia
Topic: Cell cycle regulation of G2/M progression in response to DNA damage

Stephen Dalton
University of Adelaide,Australia
Topic: Cell cycle control of DNA replication

Paul Waring
ANU, Canberra, Australia
Topic: Cell Death Induced by Upregulated Cell Surface Fas

David Tarlinton
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Australia
Topic: Regulating the Immune Response by Judicious Cell Growth and Indiscriminate Cell Death

Paul Meltzer
National Institutes of Health, USA
Topic: Monitoring Genome Function with cDNA Microarrays


Centre for Gene Research
Centre for Gene Research
Centre for Gene Research


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Centre for Gene Research
Centre for Gene Research
Centre for Gene Research
Centre for Gene Research