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The Future - Where to From Here?
Retreat, June 13/14 1997




This was held on June 13/14 --- Friday evening/Saturday, Orokonui Lodge, Waitati


We have almost sequenced the human genome, we have cloned animals, we have made transgenic plants, we have completed our PhD, we are trying to write research grants, and we are thinking: What is SCIENCE and where are we going?

The Lodge is located in the Orokonui Holiday Recreation Park. It is a large, spacious, self-contained, CENTRALLY HEATED, accommodation with bedrooms containing two single beds with linen, etc provided. It has a large lounge (where the meeting will be held) with an open fire, lovely views overlooking Blueskin Bay and a conservation park. It is a few minutes drive north of Dunedin outside the township of Waitati. It is nestled into the coastline of Blueskin Bay and a short walk will lead you to the tallest tree in New Zealand.

The Retreat started at about 7 pm on Friday with a speaker and refreshments -- then supper, bed, breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon teas provided with the proceedings ending about 4 pm on Saturday. An all inclusive fee of $10 was charged with alcoholic beverages extra or BYO.


  • application of gene technology in NZ
  • life after your PhD?
  • new methodologies
  • future of research at this University?
  • bioethics -- implications for human genetics
  • life after the human genome sequence
  • career options in Science?

Speakers included:

  • George Benwell
  • Antony Braithwaite
  • Tony Conner
  • Allan Crawford
  • Tony Macknight
  • Sally McCormick
  • Claire McGowan
  • Craig Marshall
  • Barbara Nicholas
  • George Petersen
  • Barry Scott
  • Lynette Spooner
  • Joanne Stanton and others

Where is the Orokonui Lodge Located? (A map)

The Programme

Highlights from the Retreat

Participants were limited to 100. The closing date for booking accommodation and meals was: Friday, June 6th.


Centre for Gene Research
Centre for Gene Research
Centre for Gene Research


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Centre for Gene Research
Centre for Gene Research
Centre for Gene Research
Centre for Gene Research