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The Future - Where to From Here?
Retreat, June 13/14 1997



Tony Macknight


Retreat Highlights

Tony Macknight - no country or group could embark on the next phase -- the function of the Human Genome alone -- work in collaboration with other groups -- exchange results by email and networks.

Antony Braithwaite

Antony Braithwaite - the most important thing is imagination -- used Pasteur as his model -- the breakthroughs have come from people just fiddling around and thinking -- and having long coffee breaks.

Barry Scott

Barry Scott - from IAG to ERMA The new ACT will be triggered as soon as the new methodologies are developed.

Tony Conner

Tony Conner - the public perception of 'high risk" and transgenic foods - the misinformation about the dangers of genetic engineering and transgenics.

Sally McCormick

Sally McCormick - yes, there is life after a Ph D and the postdoc trail - but it is important to develop networks and to realise that you have other skills besides the scientific ones.

Jo Stanton

Jo Stanton - go to meetings, keep up with networks, get yourself known.

Merilyn Hibma

Merilyn Hibma - from spending 90% of your time at the benchwork to writing grants - a major transition in your life as a scientist - get help from your superiors on grant writing.

Lynette Spooner & Claire McGowan

Lynette Spooner/Claire McGowan - the dynamic duo -Tank Girl as a scientist - marketing yourself. Realising that you have other skills - how would you compete with Tank Girl for a job? Marketing Yourself as a Successful Science Graduate.

James Kalmakoff

James Kalmakoff - okay, it is either more discussion or lunch?

Allan Crawford

Allan Crawford - quantitative PCR and the many new possibilities this allows.

Mike Tate

Mike Tate - AFLP - new ways of attaching primers to restriction ends and to selectively amplifying REN fragments.

Craig Marshell

Craig Marshall - the quantum mechanics of ligand bindings - the new frontiers.

Warren Tate

Warren Tate - Asia-Pacific Rim Molecular Biology Network - the Howard Hughes of the Pacific.

George Benwell

George Benwell - while wearing his bullet-proof vest, outlined some of the thinking of the Research & International Office -- research-based funding and teaching-based funding.

Barbara Nicholas

Barbara Nicholas - the bioethics of new genetic information - can people be victims of information they really did not want to have? - counselling and support systems for handling genetic information.

George Peterson

George Petersen - since only 5-10% of the human genome codes for anything - is there any value in sequencing the rest? - should NZ have some presence in the human genome project?

Tony Sadler

Tony Sadler - the refreshments organizer having a break from his busy schedule.


Photographs were taken by Terry Maguire

Centre for Gene Research
Centre for Gene Research
Centre for Gene Research


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Centre for Gene Research
Centre for Gene Research
Centre for Gene Research
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