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Marketing Yourself as a Successful Science Graduate
Lynette Spooner & Claire McGowan, June 1997


Where To From Here?
Career Options in Science

Now that you know your strengths, what are your career options in science?

The Facts

  • More than half the PhD graduates in science and engineering obtain work outside academic research AND
  • fewer than half of PhDs in academic institutions hold tenure-track positions and almost half of these are non-research positions (e.g. teaching).

(Nature vol 383 (12 September) 1996)

So even though most of your training will have been to prepare you for a life in research and academic science, it is actually highly likely that is not where you will end up working. Just as well you are a resourceful and independent thinker, and so you won't have too much trouble thinking of other ideas, right? Here are a few examples to get you started.


Non-Research Job Options

(A few examples)

  • Secondary, tertiary teaching
  • Running catch-up programmes for school science teachers
  • Science conference organisers
  • Eco-tourism
  • Bio informatics -biological databases
  • Government -Science/policy adviser
  • Extension work-educating the general public - museums, science fairs
  • Biological Product sales representative
  • University administration - research management, promotion, collaboration
  • Patent law (PhD/Llb) - legal issues in high technology industries, intellectual property
  • Historical Romance writer (research skills)
  • Media - journals, magazines, newspapers, TV, documentaries
  • Hospital administration, public health
  • Editing - journals, general interest science books for adults and children
  • Lab management/Team leadership - industry, CRIs, Universities(?)
  • Careers adviser
  • Communication skills consulting - oral presentations
  • Management Consulting -strategic planning, problem solvers, analytical ability
  • Science Consulting
Centre for Gene Research
Centre for Gene Research
Centre for Gene Research


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Centre for Gene Research
Centre for Gene Research
Centre for Gene Research
Centre for Gene Research