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Marketing Yourself as a Successful Science Graduate
Lynette Spooner & Claire McGowan, June 1997



Books and Journal Articles

Green pastures for plant scientists
Nature, 387:431-436. 1997
A recruitment feature with case studies and relevant internet sites. Of interest to other scientists as well as plant scientists.

Bleak prospects for young scientists
SEARCH, 28:115-119. 1997
As the title says! Australian case studies and statistics. We highly recommend this journal, available in the Science Library, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.

The world of the Postdoc
Nature, 383:195-200. 1996
A global view of the postdoc "jungle", a discussion of the relevance of a PhD training to the job market, networking, the NIH situation, and a European perspective.

How to be a PhD student
New Scientist, 6 June:49. 1992
A few words of warning! Discusses the downside of research, and the qualities (such as patience) needed to enjoy research.

How to get ahead with a PhD
The Times Higher Education Supplement, 16 May:i-vi. 1997
Available in the Central library, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, on close reserve. We recommend this publication. Features articles on how employable PhD graduates are and professionalism in academia.

Rich ones, poor ones and some in the labs
New Scientist, 12 April:55. 1997
Who gets paid how much and for what - the further away from the bench you are, the more you earn...

What colour is your parachute? A practical manual for job-hunters and career-changers.
Richard Nelson Bolles, Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, California, USA. 1997
Very useful, very positive and practical, updated annually.


Internet Websites

These are just a few to start you off. Many of these sites are linked to each other and to other useful pages. Some of the articles referred to above have lists of useful sites.

Bio Online
Links to newsgroups, discussion groups and other websites of interest for biologists.

Great e-zine (HMS Beagle), links to other websites, journals online, job searches, industry links, freebies and heaps of advertising.

NAS Career Planning Centre

Also, journals such as Nature and Science, Faculty, Department, Institute, and Corporate homepages.

The Careers Advisory Service at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, has a collection of useful career guidance books that are available for overnight loan and photocopying.


Centre for Gene Research
Centre for Gene Research
Centre for Gene Research


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Centre for Gene Research
Centre for Gene Research
Centre for Gene Research
Centre for Gene Research